You like cookies, gifts and want to meet new people?

Then register now for the Laufgelage Cookie Edition, where you first bake cookies, cakes, etc. for 3 people, then get cookies from 3 people and finally meet virtually.

Registration open until 11.12.2020

Delivery of goods 15.12.2020

This is what it is all about

Even in times of social isolation it is possible to make new contacts!

You bake your favorite cookie creations, cakes or gingerbread at home. You deliver these after contactlessly to three other participants in your area.

It's worth the effort

In return for your treats you will receive three lovingly packed cookie packages from the other participants. Bake once – nibble four times, it couldn’t be better!

And after that?

Afterwards you will get to know each other in a virtual environment and can exchange your recipes! According to the motto “together alone” you can easily make new contacts while getting to know each other virtually despite all the restrictions. Just register right here!

Schedule for the perfect christmas evening

You can register right here on the website until 11.12.2020. This time even FREE OF CHARGE! In return we ask you for a small donation to the pre-Christmas initiative.

In the next step you bake cookies, cakes, gingerbread, stollen or whatever you can think of.

On 12.12.2020 you will receive the contact details of your group members. Until the 15.12.2020 at 19:30 you will have time to play Santa Claus and hand out cookies, of course contactless (e.g. leave them in front of the door or put them in the mailbox).

On 15.12.2020 at 20:00 o’clock you will meet after the distribution of the cookies in Zoom, where you can get to know each other. The Zoom link will be sent by us.

Catchment area

Who can participate?