As a two-person team, you will be assigned whether you will prepare a starter, main course or dessert in your kitchen. Starting with the starter, three teams always meet for a course and change location at set times to either be pampered by another team or to cook for themselves. The clou about it, with every course you meet two new teams. Over the evening and the three courses, that makes six teams, that is 12 different people. Fun is guaranteed! So that everyone can meet again at the end, the joint after-dinner party will follow as a fitting conclusion. Here you can talk to old and new friends about the evening and celebrate until the morning comes.

The registration takes place online. There you can register directly. When registering online, remember to transfer the registration fee in time.

See if the organizers offer a “partner exchange” that makes it easier for you to find a cooking partner. The running dinner is twice as much fun, because you not only get to know new people from the other courses, but you can also exchange information about your food speciality with your found cooking partner and cook together.

The catchment area for each location is determined in advance. It is usually located in such a way that all easily accessible districts are included. Unfortunately, it is often not possible to include districts that are far away from the city, as otherwise the distances would be too long.

Perhaps the address of your cooking partner is within the catchment area? Otherwise, there is also the possibility to choose another kitchen if the residents concerned agree.

You will form the team with a person of your choice. Simply enter his or her e-mail address when registering. The person will then receive an invitation on your behalf to register as well. If his registration is also completed, your team is complete!

If your kitchen or apartment is too small, you might be able to cook at your cooking partner’s or try to create the necessary space. There are many dishes that can be prepared well even without a large kitchen. You can also accommodate six people in almost any apartment. This is even possible in a dorm room! Bed edge, upside-down wastebasket, finger food… fun is guaranteed!

A multiple use of the kitchen is possible, as we have three courses, there should be a maximum of 3 cooking teams per kitchen. If you have a bigger flat share, you can of course have more than 3 cooking teams, but then there will be a double course in your kitchen. There is a special field in the online registration where you can enter the TEAM-ID of the other cooking partners.

In dormitories with communal kitchens, we will distribute all courses that take place there as best we can over the starter, main and dessert. In this case, your team will mark on your registration form that you will be cooking in a dormitory kitchen.

In the team you decide where you want to cook and give this address at the registration. The first of your team will enter the kitchen in which you will cook. The addresses of the other courses will be sent to you by email in time before the event.

We will also tell you this three days before the event. You prepare a meal with your team partner. Whether it is a starter, main course or dessert you will find out in time. Then you discuss what you want to have.

The participation fee may vary depending on the location, location of the after-party and program. This includes the entrance fee for the after-dinner party. Otherwise you only have to pay for the food you prepare. In return you will get two delicious meals. Your local organizing team will inform you about the account details and payment methods.

Just text the organizing team. The team is available for you and will try to support you as best as possible. For the evening of the running event an emergency mobile phone number will be sent to you by info mail in advance.

This is exactly where the idea of our event comes in. The aim is to meet as many new people as possible and to exchange ideas. For this reason, the groups for the respective courses are put together randomly. This way we offer you the unique opportunity to meet new people from different areas of Erlangen in an easy way. Especially for freshmen and people who are new in Erlangen, this is an ideal basis for making friends. If you do not have a cooking partner, you will find the solution under the 3rd point!

No, absolutely not. You are in your own apartment or kitchen only to the course which you prepare together with your cooking partner and serve to the other two teams. After that each team goes to the next course in a different apartment. So you don’t leave anybody in your apartment.

The purpose of the running dinner is to make new contacts and culinary exchanges. The event is organized by the VWI Hochschulgruppe Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. A different VWI university group is responsible for the implementation at your location. We are a group of motivated, creative and ambitious Wing- and IP-students, who give themselves and other students the opportunity to look beyond the horizon of their practical studies and to develop professionally and personally. This includes on the one hand the participation or joint organisation of excursions, seminars and workshops, but also events such as the Laufgelage. This gives you the opportunity to get to know other students from different semesters and faculties, meet new people and also to establish and maintain valuable contacts with the business world – without losing sight of fun and variety.